The creation of impactful innovation is equally defined and sparked by 3 pillars, which together form the Innovation Universe. All organization’s innovation activities will be initiated by one of the three pillars though a holistic view is fundamental.​

The Innovation Universe can be defined by asking three major questions.​

  • Strategy: What are we doing? ​
  • Management: How are we doing it?​
  • Culture: Why are we doing it?​

Our services within these three pillars help you to turn your organization in the Innovation Universe.


Definition of the overarching innovation strategy, using the TOI innovation strategy framework. ​

Analysis of the organizational status quo​

Definition of focus (e.g. search fields) and scope (e.g. radical, disruptive, incremental) of innovation


Formulation of a holistic cultural manifesto​

Definition of specific cultural artifacts that characterize the innovation culture​

Planning of first activities to bring the culture to life


Definition of a management style (centralized, decentralized, hybrid) incl. roles and responsibilities ​

Set up of a general innovation process structure​

Implementation of metrics to measure innovation


Is derived from the organizational strategy and determines which kind of innovations should be designed for and the approach on how to reach them. ​

  • How are teams and processes going to be prepared to adapt quickly to ever-changing market needs?​
  • What innovations do we need to help existing and potential clients in the future?​
  • How do we get upper management on-board to support innovation efforts?

Defines the reason to innovate, fuels open mindsets and innovate ideas across the organization.​

  • How can cross-departmental collaboration be promoted?​
  • How can our teams learn to speak the same language of innovation?​
  • What tools do we need to innovate effectively?​

Makes sure that innovation has the right circumstances so strive by giving teams the freedom and time, budget and resources explore new paths.​

  • How can we integrate innovation into our existing processes?​
  • How can we pursue innovation without disrupting daily business?​
  • How much time do our teams spend working on innovation projects?

Tool Training

With our trainings we strive to grow an innovation culture that empowers organizations to successfully master business challenges. ​Our experience has proven that training has to matter to make an impact. This is why our trainings are tailor-made, hands-on and on-the-job.​ The following services will turn your employees into confident innovators:

Tool trainings

Our on-the-job trainings will give your employees the confidence they need to use innovation tools in future projects independently.​

In an assessment workshop we will discuss your major challenges, select suitable tools and develop a training concept. ​

During the training you:​

  • Learn to apply the tools directly on real projects​
  •  Create relevant outcome for your organization ​
  • Validate the effectiveness.

the Trainer

The train-the trainer program  empowers employees to transfer the innovator’s skills and mindset into the organization. ​
During these trainings we will: ​

  • Build universal facilitation skills​
  • Focus on the facilitation of specific tools​
  • Train the application of selected tools on various challenges of varying complexity

with Ambassadors

Ongoing joint sparring sessions will consolidate what employees have learned. ​
As a long-term sparring’s partner we will support you to:​

  • Constantly improve the application of selected tools​
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the usage of tools

We would be happy to put together a suitable offer & procedure model for you.