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Warum wir Innovation aktivieren müssen? Weil sie der Schlüssel zu einem humanen Leben im digitalen Zeitalter ist.

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    In the future, the capability to act will be equal to the capability to innovate

    We empower employees to think in an innovative spirit and to implement this efficiently. We make companies more innovative from the inside out and enable the development of an authentic, sustainable innovation culture. This enables them to save costs today and at the same time invest in the future.
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    Only innovative humans will still have human jobs

    Technical development makes many activities that we take for granted today obsolete. Especially repetitive routine tasks are suitable for automation. Creativity, changing perspectives, recognizing contexts and leading and inspiring people are becoming key qualifications. Those who are innovative will also be required in the future.
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    Humans are often overwhelmed by innovation

    It is not easy to deviate from the usual channels. Many people are afraid of the unknown - or at least make them feel uncomfortable. But there are numerous methods from many areas of science that help humans to master the unknown with confidence.
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    Innovation must be made human-centered or it will fail.

    Only if innovations consider people and their needs they will be successful. In the TOI - Workshops the human perspective is an important component.
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    Innovation is a handcraft. Every human has the potential to create something new.

    Inventing new things is not witchcraft. If you approach innovation projects with solid knowledge, methods and the right tools, you can reliably lead them to success - or you will recognize in time that it was not a good idea. Expensive flops are not necessary. And there is no need for Geniuses. Solid tools of the trade are enough. TOI delivers that.

The Team

Designers, chemists, advertisers, engineers, business economists - TOI has many faces. Because innovation needs different perspectives.

Every month we write about new tools and trends in the innovation briefing. Get inspired and join the community.