We work together with these companies and experts on a basis of trust. This network enables us to handle even very complex tasks and projects outside of our core expertise.



Developing and implementing innovations

Indeed Innovation helps Fortune 500 international companies, SMBs and start-ups innovate in the computer age. Indeed’s vision is to establish design as the most effective administrator of our humanity in the age of AI and automation. Indeed is committed to advanced technologies and combines the vision with business acumen and creativity to succeed in a globally connected world. The multicultural team of designers, innovation specialists, engineers and business strategists translates complexity into intelligent, surprisingly simple products and services.

Take advantage of the wealth of ideas in your company

For over 20 years, HLP Informationsmanagement GmbH has been offering holistic solutions in innovation and idea management – from pure consulting services to worldwide software implementations. It is irrelevant whether only one or several building blocks from the areas of innovation management, idea management or idea campaigns are to be successfully implemented. HLP supports companies from all sectors with experienced consultants and a modular, flexibly configurable, market-leading standard software to map their requirements with sustainable success.


Turn Ideas into Innovation

Whether medium-sized or large corporations: Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports companies in the digital transformation and in the development of new business models. These are frequently the result of consistent idea and innovation management. If companies want to develop new approaches, they need to utilize the creative potential of their own staff members and systematically include them in the development, selection and implementation of new projects. Mydea is a solution for innovation management representing a market of ideas for a diverse community consisting of employees, customers and partners. It facilitates the development of innovation by enabling users to generate, evaluate and implement ideas collaboratively with the aid of crowdfunding and gamification mechanisms. With the necessary project, process and IT expertise, Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports the definition of an accurate and suitable innovation process for the customer. Furthermore, Lufthansa Industry Solutions helps to design a program to make companies more innovative.

Realize the Internet of Things

Behind great films and successful songs is always an experienced producer. One who holds the strings together and brings the right team together. Even large IoT projects need an experienced collective of experts. That’s why there is Simplexion, the power in the background of IoT projects throughout all phases of product development. The company supports its customers in making the right decisions in everyday life.


Trend Reports & Insights

WtF is an ambitious trend and innovation agency, founded by the world-traveling trend expert and concept designer Cécile Cremer. Out of a creative spirit, endless wanderlust and a great passion for future trends, Wandering the Future was born. Cécile is obsessed with the future and strives to be the voice of the ever-changing needs of intercultural consumers. She is a creative innovator and supports brands to meet future needs. Cécile is an inspiring international keynote speaker (including a TEDx Talk) who always gives her audience food for thought. In 2017 she became Global President of the World Wide Trend Network LaFutura, the youngest President of all time.

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