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Our topics

Why Innovationen dies out

Every generation believes to live in the fastest changing time in history. A mistake. In fact, our economy is becoming increasingly sluggish. Innovation Labs, Accelerators, Think Tanks, Speedboats, Crowd Innovation – almost every major company has invested millions in new innovation processes and trends. What have they achieved? Mostly more enthusiasm than profit. The sad truth is: Innovation is dying out. Our keynote will show which factors from the fields of technology, society and economy lead to a slowdown in innovation performance when viewed after the old economy and which new approaches to successful innovation exist today.


Duration: 30 minutes

Why Ideas Don’t Matter

Why do only about a third of new businesses survive the first year? Why are there so few really successful new products? The keynote shows that it is not enough to have a good idea. Much more important is the successful implementation of all aspects of a business model: understanding the customer and the market, recognizing the mechanisms of an industry and finding the success formula for the intended profit.


Duration: 20 minutes

Innovations need commitment and humans

Digital products and business models do not emerge in polished processes and by means of tracked methods, they are the result of a process of change – to understand the customer new, to think the processes differently and to involve the employees extensively. How should management rethink, which new forms of organization need innovation, how do they activate innovation in their company? Based on selected best practices and failures, we present practice-oriented how innovation should be experienced and lived today.


Duration: 40  minutes

How to enable teams and their creativity potentials?

In the innovation process, every company today uses proven methods and training. But which are the relevant methods to convert ideas into sustainable innovations.


Duration: 30 minutes

From Buzzword to Operational Business

Every company faces the challenge of designing digital innovation products and services that meet the zeitgeist of its customers. Which methods and tools are suitable for bringing innovations on the road in the digital age? We show the relevant tools that support product development today in a digital – agile – human way.


Duration: 30 minutes

The Quest for New Thinking – Approaches to Successful Innovation

Digitalization has an immense impact on people, processes, companies and industries. New products, services and business models are being brought to market faster and faster and in a less defined way. We cannot ignore the changes.

At the beginning of the session we will show how trends and innovations influence the design of environments in general. What influence do new technologies have on living areas. What do platform economy, artificial intelligence and machine learning mean for the future of each individual. How does collaboration within a company change and what is the decisive role played by a new understanding of the customer. On the basis of selected best practices and failures, we present a hands-on approach to how innovation should be experienced and practiced today.


Duration: 30 minutes

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