Concept Sheet

A concept sheet is a structured description of an idea using a ready-made template. The methodology is applied to selected ideas for further elaboration. At the same time, the clear communication of the idea is the basis for customer feedback.


Step 1

The participants formulate a common description of the idea.

Step 2

The participants document the relevant user needs that are addressed by the idea.

Step 3

From this the participants derive the added value of the idea.

Step 4

Now the participants describe the target group that has the greatest added value.

Step 5

In addition, the participants create a simple drawing to make the idea even easier to communicate.

Step 6

Finally, the participants develop a (product) name.


A concept sheet helps to further detail the idea and transform it into a concept. It can also serve as the basis for the elevator pitch.



Time required:

10 – 30 mins

Level of difficulty:


Materials needed:

Post-its, pen, pin board, template


project team



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