Expectation Mapping

Expectation Mapping visualizes the expectations and feelings of a person (persona) during the entire Customer Journey. As with the Empathy Map, this is divided into four areas (see, hear, say/make, think/feel).


Step 1
First of all, the participants divide the process/service into individual action segments, which a customer typically passes through.

Step 2
For each of these action steps, the participants document the expectations on the basis of the four aspects mentioned above (see, hear, make/said, think/feel).

Step 3
By visualizing the expectations across the entire customer journey, participants can now jointly analyze the results and identify areas with potential for improvement that contribute to an improved overall experience.

Step 4
Finally, the participants prioritize the identified action fields.


Expectation Mapping is particularly helpful to visualize a customer journey and identify areas with potential for improvement. Very often, not the entire process/service has to be optimized and a focus on the most important aspects is sufficient. Expectation Mapping helps to identify these aspects.


Time required

0,5 days

Level of difficulty



paper & pens


Project team



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