Ideation Circle / World Café

workstations. Each time the station changes, the participants come together in a new constellation, so that different perspectives are combined with each other. This set-up gives rise to many new ideas. At the same time, a large consensus is achieved because all participants have participated in all topics. The methodology can also be used to understand a problem in depth by looking at different aspects.



Step 1

The participants start to formulate the questions / topics to be worked on. Since at each workstation about 4 – 6 participants should develop ideas together, the number of questions to be worked on depends on the number of participants.

Step 2

Now the participants distribute themselves evenly at the stations and develop in a given time window (e.g. 15 minutes) in small groups solution ideas together.

Step 3

After the time has elapsed, all group members change stations. Only one person remains at the station for the next round in order to inform the newly arriving participants about the current status of the ideas. This avoids duplication and ensures that the participants build their ideas on each other.

Step 4

Repeat from step 2-3 until each participant has been at each station.


The World Café is particularly suitable if several questions are to be dealt with in small groups, but each participant is to be given the opportunity to participate in all topics.



0,5 days




Post-it’s, Paper & Pens, White board


Project team



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