Stakeholder Mapping

With a Stakeholder Mapping all relevant stakeholders and their relationship towards each other as well as the value they exchange are mapped. By this, the influence and power of the stakeholders involved are clearly visualized.


Step 1

First, the participants collect all relevant stakeholders and map them according their relevance, power and influence. Simultaneously the participants indicate the direct and indirect stakeholders.

Step 2

The participants now map out the relationship of the stakeholder amongst each other as well as in relation towards their organization. While doing so they clarify influence and interdependencies of the stakeholders.

Step 3

The participants analyze the result and discuss the resulting implications for the project.


The Stakeholder Map provides a good understanding of the context and the existing interdependencies within the ecosystem. A Stakeholder Map can develop throughout the entire project as new relation can evolve throughout the process.


Time required:

1 hour

Level of difficulty:



flipchart, post-it’s


project team



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