What if...

The confrontation with What if questions challenges the participants to think about future, partly seemingly unrealistic scenarios to develop sustainable ideas.


Step 1

Together the participants go through a list of previously formulated What if questions and select a question.

Step 2

Now the participants brainstorm on this question and develop different ideas.

Step 3

The participants can repeat steps 2-3 as often as they like until sufficient aspects of the question have been dealt with and a variety of ideas have been developed.

Step 4

Finally, the participants establish a relationship between all collected ideas and the original question.


What if questions open the solution space through hypothetical assumptions. In particular, they help teams that are trapped in the rules and regulations of their industry and therefore have difficulties in developing innovative ideas.


Time required:

15 – 60 mins

Level of difficulty:



post-it’s, pens, metaplan wall, what if-questions


Project Team



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