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Wir nutzen #Sketchnotes auch gerne um Strategien oder Prozesse im Gedächtnis unserer Workshopteilnehmer langfristig…
16 November 2018
RT @karelgolta: 8 super fast insights: house of beautiful business 2018
12 November 2018
RT @bizbookpr: #WorkTrends: How to Manage the #ModernWorkforce. @TalentCulture @MeghanMBiro interviews @Kyle_Nel coauthor of #LeadingTransf…
09 November 2018
RT @INDEEDinnovates: “Nothing will change until we change” and we are creating a safe space for that, says Livia Tirone (curator of @THNKsc…
09 November 2018
RT @INDEEDinnovates: This is the end, a week of #beautifulbusiness
08 November 2018
TOI at the Innovation Roundtable 2018. Full house at our Talk about The lazy Economy - Why Innovation dies out.…
08 November 2018
RT @_houseofbb: Leading @Airbus into the future with 5 #purposedriven challenges: @KyhlTriolo about her learnings of realigning with the co…
08 November 2018
RT @timleberecht: Could do this every day, and am going to miss it: the Living Room salon at the @_houseofbb #beautifulbusiness https://t.c…
08 November 2018
RT @karelgolta: Amazing insights from @Airbnbdesign on how to scale mission. First unite, second incubate and third grow with purpose. I am…
07 November 2018
Run for Innovation, Lissabon 🏃‍♂️ Meet us at the fire pit, #houseofBB
07 November 2018

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