Analogies & Metaphors

Through the formation of analogies, the perspective on the problem is changed so that new ideas can be generated.


Step 1

The participants jointly decide on an aspect of their question to which an analogy should be sought.

Step 2

In a brainstorming session, the participants collect analogies from various areas (e.g. nature) that are not related to the topic.

Step 3

Then the participants solve the problem in analogy.

Step 4

Finally, the participants transfer the solution into the context of the actual problem.


When classical brainstorming doesn’t lead to new ideas, the analogy tool helps to take on new perspectives. By not working on the actual, but on a related problem, one can think more freely. Later, the solution is put back into its original context.


Time required

0,5 Tage

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

Post-its, pens, pin boars


Project Team



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