Bisociation is a special form of association techniques and helps to leave common thinking paths. The tool leas to a forced combination of terms/ things out of completely different contexts.  


Step 1

The participants start collecting different association artefacts (e.g. objects, photos, videos, etc.) It is important that these artefacts have nothing to do with the original question.

Step 2

Each participant selects an object of interest and starts getting inspired by it and its characteristics.

Step 3

Based on the impressions and associations with the object, the participants develop ideas for solving the actual problem.

Step 4

Steps 2 & 3 are repeated until the participants run out of ideas or have worked through all characteristics of the object.

Step 5

At the end all ideas are collected, discussed, combined or further developed.


The method opens up the solution space and results in more diverse and creative ideas. In addition, this method serves to increase or maintain the level of creativity. 


Time required

30 – 60 minutes

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

Post-its, pens, pin boars


project team



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