The Anti-Problem

The methodology of the Anti-Problem reverses a problem into its opposite. The description of the Anti-Problem serves as a starting point for the development of a solution. This helps to better understand the problem and provides new perspectives for finding ideas. The method is particularly suitable if the development of solutions is stuck. The more extreme the Anti-Problem, the more creative the ideas.


Step 1

The participants start by describing the original problem and consider its various components.

Step 2

Now the participants reverse the problem with its components into the opposite and describe the Anti-Problem.

Step 3

The participants then collect possible solutions for the Anti-Problem.

Step 4

Finally, the participants discuss together what new insights they have gained regarding the actual problem and transfer the Anti-Solutions to the actual problem.

Important note

The participants should record all new ideas for problem solving during the discussion – preferably with a small sketch.


The method leads to unusual perspectives on a problem. It contributes to a deeper understanding of the problem, inspires more creative problem solving and reveals where existing solutions may conflict with the problem.


Time required

1 hour

Level of difficulty


Materials needed

Post-its, pen, pin board,


Project team



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