Innovation is a


We activate innovation - through your employees. Our tailor-made trainings and coaching in ongoing projects increase your innovation fitness.


90 Percent of Innovation is Perspiration.

The rest is talent.

Our innovation fitness program offers numerous modules for the development of processes, organizations, mindset and skills.


You will experience the special features of our tools as well as the theoretical basics and practice the processes using a proven example.

Coaching on-the-job

Do you need methodical support in the implementation of a task in the company? Our coaches lead your teams to innovative solutions with the help of tailor-made frameworks and methods.


Your employees become multipliers of innovation skills. Ideal to sustainably strengthen the culture of innovation.

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Our tools

Innovation works best with the help of methods and tools. There are now several hundred of them. We use the four phases of the innovation process according to the standards of the British Design Council to categorize the ones that make sense for us.

At the start of an innovation project, the aim is to observe the world as impartially as possible, document new things and gain useful insights.

Innovators analyze the identified findings from the Discover phase. The goal here is to develop a clear creative brief for the fundamental challenge in the next phase.

The third phase serves to sketch out new possible solutions, develop and test prototypes. This process of experiments and failures helps innovators to improve their ideas..

In the last phase, a working solution is selected. The innovation project is finalized and handed over to product development. This handover concludes the innovation project.

Are you curious about your own path to innovation fitness?