Our Toolbox

Innovating works best with the help of methods and tools. There are now several hundred of them. We use the four phases of the innovation process to categorize the ones that make sense to us.

Four phases for innovation

Each phase fulfils a specific task in the creative process. Information on the problem is collected, the topic to be worked on is specified, possible solutions are developed and a working solution is developed. The following scheme explains the tasks according to the standards of the British Design Council.


At the beginning of an innovation project, the aim is to observe the world as openly as possible, to document something new and to gain useful insights.

Innovators analyse the identified findings from the Discover phase. The goal is to elaborate concrete framework conditions for the development work in the next phase.

The third phase serves to outline new possible solutions, to develop prototypes and to test them. This process of experiments and failures helps innovators to improve their ideas.

In the last phase, a functioning solution is selected. The innovation project is finalized and handed over to product development. This handover concludes the innovation project.

Our Tools

Together with industry experts, we have curated the most effective methodologies and tools from over 400. Depending on the requirements and the innovation phase, we combine the appropriate tools into bespoke training programs.

Would you like to work with these tools? We prepare the right training program for you.